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This version of the CRAFFT screen is intended for use by a trained clinician as a brief interview with an adolescent patient. The self-administered version of the CRAFFT is available here.

The Contract for Life is another document that clinicians can offer teens. Spanish version here.

Click on the link below for the printable CRAFFT screen in PDF format.

The CRAFFT screen has been translated into several languages. These translations have been completed using rigorous best practices, with translation, back translation, and reconciliation of identified discrepancies. Funding for these translations was provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services and the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership.

EnglishEnglishEnglish CRAFFT Screen 
ChineseChinese Chinese Chinese CRAFFT Screen 
Haitian CreoleKreyòlCreole CRAFFT Screen 
FrenchFrançaisFrench CRAFFT Screen 
HebrewHebrew Hebrew CRAFFT Screen 
JapaneseJapanese Japanese CRAFFT Screen 
KhmerKhmer Khmer CRAFFT Screen 
LaotianLao Laotian CRAFFT Screen 
RussianRussian Russian CRAFFT Screen 
PortuguesePortuguêsPortuguese CRAFFT Screen (CEASER) 
SpanishEspañolSpanish CRAFFT Screen (CARLOS) 
TurkishTurkish Turkish CRAFFT Screen 
Vietnamese  ViêtVietnamese CRAFFT Screen 


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